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Since 1987 the KADET SENIORITA has been built and flown by literally tens of thousands of beginning R/C pilots, helping them to earn their “R/C wings”. The designer, R/C pioneer Claude McCullough, knew that the key to learning how to fly an R/C model was being able to slow the model down to allow the pilot time to think about their next control input.
A Classic R/C Trainer and Sport Model
This new version of the legendary KADET SENIORITA has been “sporterized” with the addition of large barn door style ailerons and a tail dragger landing gear with wheel pants.
Perfect for R/C pilots of any skill level who want a relaxing flying session – doing picture perfect touch and go landings at the speed of a walk on a beautiful calm summer evening.
Designed for Electric Power: 400-700 watt Motor; 45-75A ESC; Lipo Battery Pack
Magnetic Hatch for quick access to the battery compartment.
All major components are factory built and ready for final assembly.
The KADET SENIORITA SPORT has the kind of beauty and performance that only balsa models can offer!

  • Handcrafted All Wood ARF
  • CAD Drawn, Laser Cut, & Factory Jig Assembled
  • 2-Piece Wing that mounts on a strong Aluminum Wing Tube
  • Magnetic Hatch for easy battery change
  • Fiberglass Cowling & Wheel Pants
  • Formed Aluminum Landing Gear
  • Adjustable Mount for Electric Motors
  • Covered With UltraCote® (aka ORACOVER®) Premium Film
  • Wheels, Pushrods, & Complete Hardware Pack
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
Wing Span 65 in. 1651 mm
Wing Area 800 sq. in. 51.6 dm2
Length 54.7 in. 1389 mm
Flying Weight 4.8 – 5.0 lbs. 2177 – 2268 g
Wing Loading 13.8 – 14.4 oz./sq.ft. 42-44 g/dm2
Radio Req. 4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos
Electric Power Brushless Outrunner Motor
(400-700w; 700-1000kv; 35-42mm case dia.)
45-75A Speed Control (ESC)
3-4S 3000-4000 mAh Lipo Battery Pack
Additional Items Required To Complete The Kadet Seniorita Sport ARF:

  • 4-Channel Radio System With 4 Standard Servos or 400-700 watt Electric Motor System
  • Propeller and Lipo Battery
  • Glue – SIG Epoxy & SIG CA

Features a strong steerable tailwheel assembly.

Factory painted aluminum main landing gear with fiberglass wheel pants.

Two-piece wing design is easy to transport. Strong aluminum tube wing joiner.
Tools Required To Complete The Kadet Seniorita Sport ARF:

  • Hobby knife with #11 blades
  • Screwdriver Assortment
  • Pliers Assortment
  • Power Drill With Selection of Bits
Fly A Legend
Click the link below to download the Instruction Manual in a new window.


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