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The Riser 100 is an excellent choice for the newcomer who wants to get started in soaring, or for the already experienced “glider guider” who wants a relaxing, easy-to-build “floater”.

The Riser 100’s modified Eppler 205 airfoil and 1000 sq. in. of wing area gives you the ability to fly in nearly any weather. The Riser 100 provides great “hang-time” in light lift conditions, yet has respectable penetration when the wind comes up. Rugged construction allows more time at the flying field and less time in the shop.

Launch the Riser 100 with a standard high-start
or winch, or toss it off the slope.
Enjoy the challenge of silent flight!
Standard Class R/C Sailplane
Wingspan 100 in 2540 mm
Wing Area 1000 sq in 64.5 dm²
Length 51.5 in 1308 mm
Weight 45 – 49 oz 1276 – 1389g
Wing Loading 6 – 7 oz/sq ft 18.3 – 21.4 g/dm²
Radio Required
(not included)Set Up Specifications 












2-channel (elevator-rudder) or
3-channel (elevator-rudder-spoilers)

Elevator   3/4 inch 19 mm Up and Down
Rudder 2 inch 51 mm Right and Left
Center of Gravity 3  7/8 inch 98 mm Back at leading edge
Dihedral 1  1/2 inch 38 mm Inboard
3.75 inch 95.25 mm Outboard
Incidence +1-1/2 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer
Engine Offset 0 degree down, 0 degree right
English Metric Number Required
Covering 3 rolls depending on trim scheme

  • Easy-To-Build All-Wood Design
  • Die-Cut Lite-Ply Fuselage
  • Shaped & Notched Trailing Edges
  • Easy-To-Transport 2-Piece Wing
  • Choice of Wing Mounting: Rubber Band or Bolt-On
  • Nylon Tubing Pushrods
  • SIG Easy Hinges
  • Complete Hardware Pack
  • Full-Size Plan
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
  • Optional Spoilers Included
Riser 100 Kit Instruction Manual
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Complete Pdf (3.3 Mb) Download


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