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There was a simpler time when the lines of a model airplane could have an almost magical effect on a modeler. The Rascal R/C is that kind of model. Specifically designed to be powered by either a geared Speed 400 electric motor or .049-.074 R/C glow engines, the Rascal performs like no other plane in its class.
Loops, rolls and many other magical maneuvers are but a take off away. This CAD aided design is almost totally laser-cut with quality graded SIG AAA balsa.This kit features full sized, rolled plans, a completely illustrated instruction manual, SIG hardware, beautiful decals including a full color instrument panel, and a gorgeous set of molded wheel pants.


The Rascal with a .061 Glow Engine Easy Access Bottom Hatch for Battery Pack and Radio Equipment Plenty of Room for Geared Speed 400 Motors
  • Classic looks
  • Laser cut parts
  • Full size rolled plans
  • Includes molded wheel pants
  • Clear windshield and side windows
  • Complete hardware package
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions
Wingspan 49 in 1245 mm
Wing Area 324 sq in 20.9 dm²
Length 32.5 in 825.5 mm
Flying Weight – Electric
Inc. 7-Cell Nicad
Battery Pack weight
22 – 24 oz 625 – 680 g
Flying Weight – Glow 18 – 20 oz 510 – 567 g
Radio Required
(not included)
3-Channel – Rudder, Elevator, and Throttle
(not included) 

Set Up Specifications














Electric – Speed 400 Motor and Gear Drive Unit
Glow – .049 – .074 2-Stroke Glow Engine 

Elevator   1/4 inch 6 mm Up and Down
Rudder   3/8 inch 10 mm Right and Left
Center of Gravity 0 inch 0 mm At the wing spar
Dihedral degrees degrees
Incidence + 0 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer
Engine Offset  3 degree down, 0 degree right
English Metric Number Required
Main Wheels 1  7/8 inch 48 mm 2
Fuel Tank 2 ounce 59 cc 1
Battery Pack 7 or 8 cell 600AE Nicad 1
Spinner 1.5 inch 38 mm 1
Covering 2 rolls depending on trim scheme
Rascal Kit Instruction Manual
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Complete Pdf (2.6Mb) Download


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