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“The Airplane that Wrote the Book On R/C Aerobatics”
This is the legendary model that got R/C aerobatics off the ground in 1957. As the first successful low-wing R/C model, it swept the top four places at the ’58 Nationals and pioneered the unlimited aerobatic capability we take for granted today.
Obviously the Astro Hog is no longer competitive with today’s high-tech pattern ships, but it does offer the modern sport flier amazing aerobatic performances in a super stable, easy-to-fly model.


Nothing Flies Like A Hog . . .
The Astro Hog will perform any maneuver in the book, yet it flies slow enough to let you enjoy it! So gentle, some people have used it as a primary trainer. Ideal for 4-stroke engines!
A Premium Quality Sig Kit…
Wingspan 71 in 1803 mm
Wing Area 824 sq in 53.2 dm²
Length 51 in 1295 mm
Flying Weight 7 – 7.5 lb 3175 – 3402 g
Radio Required 4-Channel with 4 Servos (not included)
Engine Required
(not included)Set Up Specifications 



















2-Stroke .40 – .60 cu. in. (6.5 – 10.0 cc)
4-Stroke .60 – .80 cu. in. (10.0 – 13.1 cc)

Elevator   3/4 inch 19 mm Up and Down
Rudder 1 inch 25 mm Right and Left
Ailerons   3/8 inch 10 mm Up
  3/8 inch 10 mm Down
Center of Gravity 3  5/8 inch 92 mm Back from leading edge
Dihedral 6 degrees 6 degrees Total
Incidence +2-1/2 degree wing, 1-1/2 degree stabilizer
Engine Offset 0 degree down, 0 degree right
English Metric Number Required
Pilot 2  5/8 inch 67 mm 1
Main Wheels 3 inch 76 mm 2
Nose Wheel 2.75 70 mm 1
Fuel Tank 12 ounce 355 cc 1
Spinner May use a Prop Nut of a size to fit the engine selected
Covering 3 rolls depending on trim scheme


  • Precision Die-Cut and Sawn Parts To Speed Assembly
  • Detailed Full-Size Plans & Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
  • Semi-Symmetrical NACA-2415 Airfoil For Aerobatics and Gentle Stall Characteristics
  • Standard Trike Landing Gear (plans also show optional tail dragger gear)
  • Responsive Strip Ailerons
  • Bolt-On Wing Mounting
  • Molded ABS Plastic Headrest
  • SIG Easy Hinges
  • Complete Hardware Pack
Astro Hog Kit Instruction Manual
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Complete Pdf (3.8Mb) Download


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