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Travel back to yesteryear when courageous young men created magnificent flying machines to break the bonds of mother earth and soar with the eagles. With the 100th anniversary of manned flight approaching, who else but SIG can help you experience the thrill and excitement of these early aviators as you break the bonds of the local flying field, taking to the air indoors.
Designed to fly indoors or in no-wind conditions in the backyard, each of our Pioneers of Flight airplanes give you the experience of flight like their full size counterparts. Check out the operational, fully articulated flying stab on the 1909 Demoiselle, the replica engines, and the early aviator pilot figure. And with state-of-the-art electric motors and miniature electronics, the air space inside your local gym truly becomes a pioneering adventure.

Each SIG Pioneer of Flight airplane features laser-cut parts for outstanding accuracy and ease of assembly. You’ll also find easy-to-use Lite-Span covering material, simulated rigging, pull-pull lines, wheels, tires and SIG hardware in every kit. Of course, it wouldn’t be a SIG airplane without full size plans and a complete, fully illustrated instruction manual that makes building these planes as much fun as flying them. All at a price that belongs in the last century.
Wing Span 44.5 in 1105 mm
Wing Area 509.75 sq in 32.9 dm²
Fuselage Length 35 in 889 mm
Weight w/o battery 6.5 – 7.5 oz 184 – 213 g
Radio Required 3 channel, 2 micro servos, 5A ESC (not included)
Electric Motor Required


Set Up Specifications
















Maxx Products HRC2212-0840 (not included)


Elevator 1  1/2 inch 38 mm Up
1  1/4 inch 32 mm Down
Rudder 1  7/8 inch 48 mm Right and Left
Center of Gravity 4  1/4 inch 108 mm From leading edge
Dihedral degrees degrees
Incidence +  degree wing,  degree stabilizer
Propeller SIGEP1047 10×4.75 electric prop or
GWS 10×5 electric prop
Covering Litespan covering included with the kit
Demoiselle Kit Instruction Manual
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Complete Pdf (3.3 Mb) Download


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