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Hazel Sig’s World Famous Clipped Wing Piper Cub

In 1969, Hazel Sig, co-founder of SIG Mfg. Co., rebuilt a standard 1941 Piper J-3 Cub for aerobatic flying. To increase performance, 40″ was clipped off each wing panel and the engine reworked to produce 75 h.p. The entire framework was rebuilt and a dazzling sunburst paint job was applied with SIG Supercoat Dope.


Over the years, Hazel progressed to more powerful airplanes for her aerobatics, but none ever captured the affections of modelers worldwide as has the Clipped Wing Cub.In the air, the Clipped Wing Cub is smooth, stable, and responsive as the big one. Basic aerobatic maneuvers such as loops, rolls, spins, and snaps are easy. A beautiful model of a truly special airplane! Available in two sizes – 1/4-scale (86″ wingspan) and 1/6-scale (56″ wingspan).
“A beautiful model of atruly special 1/4-scale

aerobatic airplane!”

Wingspan 86 in 2184 mm
Wing Area 1300 sq in 83.9 dm²
Length 67 in 1700 mm
Flying Weight 14 – 15 lb 6350 – 6804 g
Radio Required 4-Channel with Heavy-Duty Servos (not included)
Engine Required
(not included)Set Up Specifications 

















2-Stroke .60 – .90 (10 – 15 cc)
4-Stroke .90 – 1.50 (15 – 25 cc)

Elevator 1  3/8 inch 35 mm Up and Down
Rudder 1  3/4 inch 44 mm Right and Left
Ailerons 1 inch 25 mm Up and Down
Center of Gravity 4  3/8 inch 111 mm Back from leading edge
Dihedral   1/2 inch 13 mm At W-4 rib
Incidence +1 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer
Engine Offset 1-1/2 degree down, 0 degree right
English Metric Number Required
Pilot   1/4 scale 1/4 scale 1
Main Wheels 4  1/2 inch 114 mm 2
Tail Wheels 1  1/2 inch 38 mm 1
Fuel Tank 16 ounce 473 cc 1
Spinner May use a Prop Nut of a size to fit the engine selected
Covering 4 rolls depending on trim scheme

  • Easy-To-Build Balsa/Ply/Spruce Construction
  • Fiberglass Elevator and Rudder Pushrods
  • Top Quality SIG Balsa and Plywood
  • Scale Leaf-Spring Steerable Tailwheel
  • Molded ABS Plastic Engine Cowling
  • Molded Plastic Scale Dummy Engine
  • Molded Plastic Bungee Covers and Air Cleaner
  • Strong One-Piece Wing
  • Aileron Pushrods and Bellcranks
  • Precision Die-Cut Parts
  • Formed Wire Main Landing Gear
  • Authentic Decals
  • 4 Sheets of Full-Size Printed Plans
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
  • Complete Hardware Pack
Clipped Wing Cub Kit Instruction Manual Click to open in a new window.
Complete Pdf (3.7 Mb) Download


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